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Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday!




Emily Perez- 11/11


Travis Albee- 11/18


Sarah Steubing- 11/18


Cathy Walker- 11/19


Peggy Oliver- 11/20


Sondra Brown- 11/20


Beth Brannan- 11/25


Susan Rice- 11/26


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News To Know

Nacogdoches Early College High School


Nacogdoches ISD will host an informational meeting for Parents and Students about the 2012-2013 Early College High School Program on Monday November 28th beginning at 6:00pm at Mike Moses Middle School and 7:30pm at McMichael Middle School.

Spanish translation will be available.

Please contact Ronny Knox @ (936) 569-5000 ext. 8864 for additional information.

Tennis News

Junior High Tennis

The combination Junior High/Freshmen team played first Lufkin and then Kilgore this week.  As you probably know we lost both but in short we gained some very valuable experience.  The whole reason I do this is to give my kids/your kids an opportunity to play tennis.  This year we are actually playing other schools which we did not get to do last year.  Our numbers are not great but at least it is a beginning.  The numbers will be up in the spring.  Unfortunately, those kids will not have the second season yours are experiencing right now.  Additionally, the freshmen are really in their 8th grade season, this being their second year to play, which is why I wanted them to play in November.



Lufkin brought over 16 kids who were 8th graders to play our combination kids.  They are a really solid team and it showed.  We started with doubles first then as a match up showed we put on singles matches.  We played prosets which for you new parents is a set but instead of playing to 6 we go to 8 that way the kids get more play. 

After the doubles we were down in total match scores 5-3.  We were swept on the boy’s side and at number 1 girl doubles but had some really close matches in all the losses.

Getting wins for us in doubles were the teams of Emy Roux and Trishala Roy, Sarah Williford and Jacky Alvarez, and Cheyenne Powell and Sandra Carrillo.


All the kids then turned around and played singles.  In singles it was just the opposite with Lufkin sweeping us on the girl’s side but us holding our own on the boy’s, but still falling behind 5-3.  Getting wins for us on the boy’s side was Kevin Roux, Connor Tate, and AJ DeJean.  The final score was Lufkin 17, the Dragons 6.



This match was played on Saturday and conflicted with the parade so half the team was gone.  We ended up with 12 kids who were able to play so Kilgore brought that number.  Again we started with doubles and then went to singles playing prosets.  We only had 5 doubles teams because of another schedule conflict, but were still down after the doubles finished 3-2.  Getting wins for us were the teams of Kendall Whitbeck and Kevin Roux, and Jackson Vineyard and Eugene Choi.

In singles action again the girl’s side struggled, recording only one win in the process.  The boy’s fared better this time splitting the singles matches 3-3.  Recording wins for us were Kendall Whitbeck, Kevin Roux, Jackson Vineyard, and Emy Roux.  The thing I like about Saturday matches is the opportunity to play extra matches.  We had several do this but is not recorded in the official score sheet.  Again we lost and won some of these extras but in the end we gained a tremendous amount of experience.  The final score was 11-6.


The Junior High team

7th graders

Jacob Gibbs, AJ DeJean, Trishala Roy, Laurel Malone, Lupe Alvarez

8th graders

Emy Roux, Jackson Vineyard, Eugene Choi, Lizette Rodriguez, Presley Mackey

Thanks for all who were able to play and for you parents who came out to watch.


  1. Monday we will play Center here at 4pm.  Please have your child there by 3:45.
  2. Tuesday through Friday we will practice from 4 to 5:30 each day.
  3. the 21st through 25th we will not practice
  4. last two days of junior high tennis Monday the 28th and Tuesday the 29th
  5. Tuesday the 29th we will play Jacksonville here at 4pm.